At Dairy West, our mission is two-fold. We aim to inspire trust in dairy products and dairy farming and to build demand for the products we produce locally, regionally, nationally and globally. When it comes to trust, developing trust with consumers is top of mind for our Dairy West team - we want people to feel confident that dairy foods play a central role in their eating habits. In order to do that well, we need to ensure internal trust - trust within our dairy community and trust in our local checkoff organization. Our annual meeting is a time to gather and build that trust - with our industry, with our staff and with one another. We invite you to attend this year’s Dairy West annual meeting and ask that you come excited to engage, ask questions and be curious about how we can tackle the future together.

What to Expect:

Take ACTION to Discover
Join interactive sessions like:

 - The Dairy Experience
 - Lightning Talks: Your Checkoff in a Flash

Set INTENTION for the Future
Attend our Wellbeing and Succession Planning sessions

Feel the MAGIC. Be Inspired...

 - Charles Clark, Keynote speaker
 - Mac King, Banquet Entertainment