At Dairy West, our mission is to steward dairy farmers' checkoff investment in ways that boosts trust in dairy products and dairy farming and builds demand for our region's products. To do this, we focus on acting with intention and courage. With a pioneering spirit, we aim to engage in partnerships and initiatives that provide meaningful impact for dairy farmers. In a rapidly changing industry, we want to focus on what works, and we are excited to share progress with you and get your input.  At this year's Dairy West annual meeting, you can expect to catch up with old friends, make new ones, and hopefully leave inspired that we can navigate the future together.

What to Expect:

Take ACTION to Discover
Join interactive sessions like:

 - The Dairy Experience
 - Lightning Talks: Your Checkoff in a Flash

Set INTENTION for the Future
Attend our Wellbeing and Succession Planning sessions

Feel the MAGIC. Be Inspired...

 - Charles Clark, Keynote speaker
 - Mac King, Banquet Entertainment